Content Marketing : A Comprehensive Guide Must Read

What is content marketing?

Content marketing

Content marketing is growing rapidly. It is a method used for advertising or marketing. In this we write content that attracts customers or gives them information about our products or services.

We make valuable and relevant content to provide knowledge and information to the audience and it’s main purpose is to convert that audience into our profitable customer.

We share written content which tell audience about our business and our identity to build a trustworthy relationship .

It is powerful marketing technology to build connection with customers through writing content, blogs , podcasts and sharing to them also helps in building brand awareness and authority.

Pillars Of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing in digital marketing is very important. Various important points should be taken into mind before writing a content . Some of important key points are discussed below :

Know About Your Audience

Before starting the process of content creation it is very important to know the type of our audience like what they like or dislike , their age group and their tendency to buy product etc.

Ensure that you are writing a appropriate content which fulfil the need of a customer like what type of information he wants .

Creation Of Content With Quality

In content marketing quality of the content matters a lot. You have to create a unique and knowledgeable content which provide a complete information to the audience what they actually need .

You have to choose a format which is more consumable for your customers . Creation Of Content in different formats like using tables and graph , visuals and short or long text content .

Use videos , charts , appropriate images and links to make your content easy to understand .

Content Promotion

This type of marketing is not only about creating a nice content but content promotion is very important step . Because even if you write a best content using best images , videos and examples but you are not promoting it in well manner , no one read your content.

That’s why your content should be published and also be promoted on different digital platforms . You can promote your content through social media , e-mail , applications and sms.

There are different types of content marketing like blog writing , e-mailing , podcast and videos .

Make Strategy

According to marketing experts this need strategy to be perform. With any strategy it’s like you are giving a speech in an empty hall. You should determine that for whom you are writing the content and what can be their reactions on it ? Do they like to read your content type ?

You should know better what they like or dislike . To attract customers you have to take care of their interest and make your content accordingly.

Figure out all the information about your customer Like buying behaviour, what piece of information he needs and what points should be discussed to encourage him to make buying decisions and what product to be display.

Create Authentic Content ( Content writing)

Story of content writing doesn’t end up with writing a piece of unique content only but it should be authentic or authorised . All the information you are providing in your content should be based on real facts and authentic information but not just a creation of your mind for successful content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of your content is very important step to increase your visibility on search engines and make your content easily findable on search engines . It gives a rank to your content in search engine optimization. So SEO gives a hike to your content .

Map the Content to Customer Journey

coustomer persona

The purpose of content marketing is not just engaging to your audience for a time only but to move your audience into next stage of marketing to convert them in your customers . So it is very important to keep the customer persona in mind while writing the content .

You can set the journey of customers by following these three points :

  1. Build Awareness : Not just writing and publishing best content is content marketing but to spread this into your targeted audience . Reach out your targeted customers and educate them about your brand or your product by running campaign and webinars.

2. Evaluation : After making your brand awareness now it is time to convert your audience into customers . Since your audience already know about your brand so create a quality content to convince them to convert by including research and case studies in your content .

3. Convert : Now you can convert that audience into a successful lead by giving them a free trial of your product and by giving live demos and by consulting .

Track Results

Final and important step in content marketing is to tracking results of the marketing . You are doing marketing with being aware of it’s result is wrong . View analytics whether it is giving you better results or not . If not so what can you do to make it result driven marketing . So track your results after every successful campaign.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

Why content marketing is important? It build your relationship to your audience and a link to your customers. These are the benefits of content marketing discussed below :

Improve Your Relationship With Customers

Content marketing keep engaging and attracting your customers consistently by providing them all appropriate information they need . Also improve your connection and build trust with audience hence they prefer to buy products where they feel some trust and connections.

Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing build your brand recognition by educating and awaring targeted audience about your product and brand by providing them all information about your business and also increase your visibility on internet .

Generate More Leads And sales

Content marketing bring more traffic on your website by building your brand awareness and visibility with help of SEO and other marketing strategies. They review your website and product or services you are providing and more likely they start enquiring and convert in lead to your business.

Hence if they find your product and services authentic and reasonable they convert into your customers easily .

Increase Your Following

One of the benefit of content marketing is it helps in increasing your followers of your website and on social media platforms by providing them quality content from time to time and giving them all important updates timely . So they follow to stay updated and to know your newly launched products and services.


Now a days everything is going digital and require digital means of marketing for better results and growth. Content marketing strategies play a significance role in today’s marketing strategies by building your awareness , increase your brand visibility, generate leads and sales and build strong connections with your customers . It has the power to make your brand more effective and trustworthy among your subscribers. Content marketing jobs also emerged today in every organisation. It make your marketing easy and result-driven and also saves your efforts for marketing.

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Q – Can we do content marketing course?

Ans – Yes there are various content marketing courses based on it and you can do to enhance your knowledge.

Q – What is importance of content marketing in digital marketing ?

Ans – In digital marketing it build your brand awareness, visibility and generate more leads.

Q – How long should my content be ?

Ans – You can write between 1500-3000 words which is a good strength.

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