Exploring Metaverse : An Emerging Virtual World


It is the next version of internet that combines both physical world and virtual reality on a three dimensional space .

It runs on the version Web 3.O using high technologies like Virtual reality handset with compilation of augmented reality and blockchain technology.

Decentraland , Roblox and Sandbox are some examples of metaverse where you can buy or sell virtual land and the ownership of the products is delivered in form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Technologies Needed to Operate Metaverse

Entering into the 3D space need some devices or technologies which are given here :

  • Virtual Reality Device (VR)

Exploring metaverse needs a virtual reality handset which is a head mounted device that is basically a projector which creates a virtual environment around the user.

It generates a 3D virtual environment using virtual reality and augmented reality which gives a real feel to the user just like he is seeing objects in real world or present in the moment.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

Metaverse is combination of VR and AR . Augmented reality is used to present digital or virtual elements in the real time. It connects the real world to the computer generated elements . It is using to generate 3D models of objects same as real objects. Example , LENSKART uses AR technology to show their lens frames that fits on the face of user and look like you are wearing them at that time.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a computer mind that act like a human mind . AI can think like a human and respond like a human . AI is used is metaverse to provide various services to the meta users like AI assistant , AI guide and artificial person. For example , AI can assist you as a sales person of a store created on virtual space to explain you about the features and price of the products.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital ledger that records all the information or transactions digitally in form of blocks. Blockchain is a secure system of transactions that save information into million of blocks which is impossible to erase , edit and hack.

Information saves in subsequent blocks and creates a chain in chronological order on millions of server. Metaverse created on blockchain to record all its transactions which makes it reliable. Blockchain creates a decentralised system to ensuring the ownership of digital assets within the virtual land like NFTs and digital land.

  • 5G Internet

Metaverse needs 5G speed of internet to run it smoothly and to give user a next level experience . High-definition graphics runs on high speed of data which give a realistic experience of Virtual world.

Uses of Metaverse(Digital world)

In few past years digital world become very popular and emerge like a new era of internet . Now a days many services are live on metaverse like banking and finance , education and buying and selling of digital assets.

Some uses of metaverse in daily life are explained below :

  • Gaming and Entertainment in Metaverse

Metaverse give so much hike to the gaming industry and brings it to the next level . Now you not even play a game in-fact you become a part of it which gives you a real feel like you are playing it in real environment .

Same you can enjoy real experience of Cinema while sitting at home by exploring cinemas created on virtual platform . For example Airtel created its Airtel Xstream Metaplex where you can enjoy movies on big screens while sitting on your couches.

  • Education and Learning

Metaverse makes learning easy and interesting and make it simple to understand . In 2D version of internet you are able to learn thing by seeing them in pictures and videos while in 3D space you can see happenings of things in front of you like how planets are rotating around the Sun will be live in front of you with realistic view which makes it easy to understand the concept of complex things. You can do various science experiments on virtual space easily which can not be performed on real physical world like explosion of atomic bombs.

  • Travel and Tourism

With the help of metaverse we can explore the whole world at home . Places are created on virtual land just like they appear in real .Through the virtual reality we can visit different historical places and countries from one place just you need a VR handset and high speed of data connection. And it gives a real feel like you are really present there at that place. Religious places also created on virtual space where people can attend Aarti virtually and can do Darshan.

  • Social Interaction and Remote Working

You can do real-time interaction in virtual 3D space with others . A avatar is created which goes on metaverse that represents you and this avatar performs all the activities as per the instructions given by you.

Platforms like Decentraland provides you virtual meeting space or landscapes where users can meet together and share ideas like they are physically present there.

Remote working can be done through Metaverse like shopping , office meetings , banking etc. PNB , ICICI Bank and Union Bank opens their branches on virtual space that gives you service like a real physical bank.

Maruti and Mahindra open their virtual showrooms where an AI assistance assists you and explain about all the specification of car you are willing to buy.

  • Metaverse in E-Commerce

Metaverse in e-commerce is very useful to grow your business very fast . It offers an immersive shopping experience to customers with virtual stores created on digital land . You can visit the virtual stores and can select and try the products virtually you want to buy.

Imagine if you are buying a necklace and trying it virtually how it will look on you before actually buying it or visiting the physical store.

For example , Flipkart launches it’s virtual showroom named Flipverse where you can see 3D models ( augmented reality) of products just like you are looking them in real . It gives you a real feel of shopping experience without visiting the physical stores.

  • Metaverse in Healthcare

Metaverse in healthcare emerged as an amazing technology for healthcare and medical science . Now it is possible to interact with the doctors in real time from any part of the world on virtual space and get instructions for treatment as well as advices from them as you are meeting them in real.

Even hospitals are established on digital land and giving all possible facility to the patients like consultation regarding their problem and medication for the same , booking appointment etc . For example Yashoda hospital in Hyderabad is now providing facilities through it.


In this era of digital world metaverse is fastest growing technology with futuristic approach . It is 3D version of the websites that gives user an immersive experience . Many businesses or brands are shifting on virtual space after seeing its popularity in the market . It is a futuristic concept which make the it is to perform various task while sitting at one place using high technologies . It is also have some consequences like it’s feel heavy while using the vr box and may cause headache as well as it affect the eyes when use it for couple of hours.

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