Search Engine Optimization : A Strategy For Digital Success

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization shortly called SEO is a digital marketing strategy which is perform to improve the visibility of a website on search engines by optimizing the content on website which improves ranking of the site on search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

SEO gives a website higher ranking and attract non paid i.e organic traffic and enhance the quality of the website.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization

types of seo

There are mainly four types of SEO which are explained below:

On-Page SEO

on page seo

On page SEO is a type of search engine optimization techniques in which we promote or optimize our website by accessing the back-end part of the website. It improve the visibility of the website by performing various SEO strategies in back-end part by optimizing the content of website according to the search engines.

It include adding focus keyword , meta title and description and optimize the URLs and boost the visibility of website.

Following are the aspects and strategies of on-page SEO:

Title : Title of the content should be unique and relevant. It should be easy to understand and must include the focus keyword , power word and call to action text. Also length is to be maintained between 52 to 62 characters.

Meta Description : It provide a short summary of the content so it should be attractive which encourage the users to click and read . Length should be up to 160 character and also include focus keyword and supportive keywords.

Short URL : In search engine optimization process URL of the content is to be relevant and should contain focus keyword in it.

Headings : Headings should be in a proper hierarchy and target focus keyword and LSIs in them.

Keyword Density and Proximity : Focus keyword should have a density of 1% to 2% with respect to the total word count and stuffing of focus keyword should be proper. Keyword it to be used together like Digital Marketing here word digital and marketing are used together.

Optimized Images : Minimum 7 images should be used in the content and one of the image should contain focus keyword in image alt text.

Internal and External Links : Content should contain internal link which re-direct the user to the same site to another page to make it easy to explore. As well an external link should be given in the content which re-direct users to another website for more content.

Length Of Content : Content should be 1500 to 3000 words long and it should be easy to understand .

Off Page SEO

off page seo

Off page SEO is a part of search engine optimization in which we push or promote our website by external sources like social media , google ads, paid ads and mobile marketing without accessing the back-end part of the website.

Following are the key factors of Off page SEO

Backlinks : When a website give a link of your website on it’s pages then it is a back link for your website. Backlink is very important to increase your authority and trust among the users. when a website with high domain authority give you a backlink it automatically increase your domain authority. And a website have more authority is likely to appear first in the search results.

Social Media : Social media is used for off page search engine optimization and can push or promote your website within short period of time by running ads on different platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. As more and more people get to know about your business and more traffic come on your website and it improve your ranking and visibility on search engines.

Reviews : Some positive reviews from user also increase the chances of your ranking and visibility of your website.

Technical SEO

technical seo

Technical SEO is a type of search engine optimization in which we make our website technically sound by optimizing images and web pages of the website for better user experience. If your are using large size image it take time to load and user can get annoyed. In this we boost speed of our website

Also it ensure crawling, ranking and indexing of your website should be proper. It remove the core web vitals from your website.

It improve your server performance and website speed and manage robot.txt file also provide a xml sitemap to make crawling of website easy.

Local SEO

local seo

Local SEO is that type of search engine optimization in which we improve the visibility and online presence of local businesses to attract more nearby customers. If someone search restaurants near me on Google then it will show nearby restaurants. It helps in attracting organic traffic from nearby customers.

How Search Engine Optimization Is Helpful In Digital Marketing

benefits of seo

SEO performs a vital role in digital marketing to establish online presence and visibility of the website with different SEO strategies. Following are some points why it is important and how it is helpful in marketing strategies:

1.Enhance Visibility and Online Presence

Search engine optimization services are basically used for enhancing the online presence and visibility of your website and by performing various strategies like proper optimization of images, content, adding internal or external links it improves the ranking of a website in results of a search engine. When a user search a particular keyword your website will comes on top in results and this attracts the organic traffic.

2.Better User Experience

Search engine optimization is not only about giving you high ranking or making you better in eyes of search engine but it is also to provide a better user experience by boosting speed of your website, removing core web vitals and making the website mobile friendly etc.

3.More Organic Traffic

SEO helps in high ranking of your website in results of search engine and also promote your website on various digital channels like Social media. People come to know about your business and find it in top results of search engine. So It increases the chances of more organic traffic.

4.More Credibility and Trust

Websites which appears in top while searching on search engine make it more trustworthy and enhance it’s credibility for Google, Bing and other search engines and also make it trustworthy in front of users by improving the content quality and using backlinks or webpage optimization which leads to more organic traffic on your website.

5.Helps in Facing Competition

Competition is on peak now a days. It is very difficult to promote your website on digital channels because there are many websites which are providing the same products and services and have high ranking or popularity. So search engine optimization helps you to improve your website ranking, improve it’s quality and build brand awareness and recognition in market make it easy to stand in the competition.

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How SEO Works

seo process

There are some steps of search engine optimization process :

(i) Make keyword research and find an appropriate keyword and LSIs relevant to the content and have high search volumes.

(ii) Take a look on the competition for the selected keyword whether it is low or high.

(iii) Optimize focus keyword properly in the content with a density of 1-2% of total word count and also uses LSIs.

(iv) Use Internal and external link on webpages.

(v) Optimize meta title, meta description and images of the content.

(vi) Provide a sitemap to crawler to make crawling of your website efficient and ensure indexing and ranking of your content on search engines.

(vii) Create proper backlinks to your website which improve your authority and make your website reliable.


Search engine optimization plays a very significant role in digital success. SEO optimization is very important to face today’s high competition by improving visibility of website on digital platforms and giving high ranking on search results. Every business should adopt this approach to generate more traffic and sales.


Que: Is It Cost high to optimize?

Ans: No, you can optimize your website by following seo optimization strategies.

Que: How much time it take to rank our website?

Ans: It depends how efficiently you are optimizing, content quality and your website type.

Que: How search engine optimization is beneficial for local business?

Ans: It provide you ranking and improve your visibility in nearby area.

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